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Yomeishu Drunken Prawns

Yomeishu Drunken Prawns


8 tiger prawns 4 pieces of yuzhu (Solomon’s Seal)
1 tbsp wolfberries
3 pieces danggui (Chinese angelica)
4 piece dang shen (codonopsis root)
150ml Yomeishu
600ml water
3 tsp light soya sauce
Pinch of sugar


1. Marinate prawns in Yomeishu overnight
2. Rinse the Chinese herbs except wolf errors , keeping the wolfberries separate.
3. Boil 600ml of water in clay pot. Add in the yuzhu, dang shen and danggui. Continue to boil for 30 min.
4. Add in prawns with Yomeishu
5. Once the prawns cook, add the wolfberries and season with light soya sauce and pinch of sugar.

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