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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery will be 2 -5 Working Days and we will deliver between 9AM - 5PM (Monday - Friday, excluding weekends and public holiday)
In Singapore, Yomeishu is available in NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, Chinese Medical Hall, Redmart etc.
Yomeishu contains 14% alcohol vol. Basically the judgment under these situations depends on doctors or pharmacist, because people have different sensitivities for alcohol. Therefore, please consult your doctor.
Yomeishu doesn’t contain any ingredients which have strong effect, but a health tonic having mild effect. There is no bad combination for taking Yomeishu. It is no problem to take Yomeishu with any supplements and health food in particular. However, in case that you take medicines which should be careful for taking with alcohol (such as sleeping pills, tranquilizers, antibiotics, antidiabetic drugs, anticoagulants and heart beat treatments, etc), please consult your doctor. If you don’t have cautions to take with alcohol, you can take Yomeishu with other medicines when you wait 30 minutes before and after this time.
Yomeishu doesn’t contain caffeine at all, there are no worries to take Yomeishu with anything has caffeine.
We do not provide international shipping. We only deliver in Singapore.