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Healthy Red Bean Milk Pudding

Healthy Red Bean Milk Pudding

Healthy Red Bean Milk Pudding
Yomeishu 1-2 tbsp
Japanese red bean puree 5 tbsp

Yomeishu 60 ml
Milk 500 ml
Sugar 3 tbsp
Cream 200 ml
Gelatine 14 g

1. Mix red bean puree with Yomeishu and blend well to make into a paste.

2. Add milk to Yomeishu, stir well and heat up.

3. Mix sugar and gelatine. Blend into heated milk. Simmer and stir until ingredients completely dissolve. Do not boil. Off the heat and add in the cream. Mix well.

4. Pour heated ingredients into containers and chill until set.

5. Put containers in warm water before scooping out chilled pudding and placing on dishes.

6. Pour red bean paste onto chilled pudding and serve.

Mix gelatine and sugar well before adding into the warm milk. This will help the gelatine dissolve more easily and avoid caking.

Health benefits:
Red bean: Strengthens the spleen and eliminates water retention, reduces swelling.
Milk: Promotes fluid production and quenches thirst, eliminates body heat and improves the bowel system.

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