About Yomeishu

Originally our bodies have "the self-regulating function" to maintain a good health. But when the function weakens due to busyness, physical stress or aging, various symptoms will develop. Yomeishu is a herbal health tonic which acts on the weakened the self-regulating function of the body to regulate general conditions and leads to good health. Drinking Yomeishu will promote blood circulation and blood flow, and the active medicinal ingredients circulate throughout the body to penetrate into the whole body. Then, whole body metabolism is activated to regulate the function, and various symptoms are improved.

Yomeishu’s mechanism
for action

  • Improves blood flow throughout the body
  • Warms the body from the inside out
  • Restores body functions normal

Improves a variety of symptoms and ailments

Yomeishu contains a blend of 14 types of herbal medicines and is made using an original method for crafting medicinal liquors called“Gojoho.”

About Yomeishu’s herbs

The alcohol’s effective strength draws out the power of the herbs.
By combining multiple types of herbal medicines,
we increase the scope of Yomeishu’s efficacy.
Harnessing the strengths of each herb
creates a synergistic effect between the medicines.

How to drink Yomeishu

Drink 20ml 1-3 times a day depending on your physical condition
after meals and before bed.
Through consistent and regular usage,
Yomeishu achieves its full effectiveness.

Yomeishu is a medicinal liquor made from a blend of natural herbal ingredients.

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