Yomeishu fruits & herbs Hokkaido Melon + Lavender 10% 300ML


Origin Komagane 駒ヶ根市
Alcohol 10%
Material Melon juice
Size 300ml
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【Enjoy the good taste for beauty】
We mixed 9 kinds of herbs which are to be pleasant for woman(Citrus unshiu peel, Polygonatum falcatum, Pearl barley, Rosemary, Safflower, Angelica root, Dandelion, Rosebud) and Lavender. Before meals, with meals, relaxing time after meals, before going to bed, etc, it is a liquor that you can enjoy deliciously according to your lifestyle.

【Just pour it into glass with full of ice!】
Just keep your beauty to drink. There are various ways to enjoy, such as on the rock, straight, fizz and with hot water.

【Special producing method】
We fully make use of our long time experienced of making medicinal wine.
Herbs are immersed in liquor, which extract their ingredients well.