youmeishu 養命酒

養命酒Caring LifeYomeishu

A traditional herbal health tonic which was born and
raised in Japan based on the oriental medicine.

About Yomeishu

Being different from a therapeutic drug, Yomeishu exerts its effects on the entire body.


Yomeishu’s mechanism
for action

  • Improves blood flow throughout the body
  • Warms the body from the inside out
  • Restores body functions normal



How to drink Yomeishu

Drink 20ml 1-3 times a day depending on your physical condition after meals and before bed.
Through consistent and regular usage,
Yomeishu achieves its full effectiveness.

Herbal health tonic

Exertion of multiplier effects by a combination of herbsAlthough single herb has efficacy, use of their combination may exert new effect or extend their efficacies. The typical example of this is Kampo medicine (Japan’s traditional herbal medicine based on the traditional Chinese medicine) and the prescription to enhance the efficacy of Kampo medicine has been studied since ancient times. The combination of Kampo medicine based on each symptom is infinite (for example, the combination of plants or an addition of medicinal ingredients derived from minerals). Various prescriptions can be invented since multiplier effects of herbs are expected.

Yomeishu recipe

Here are a few delicious recipes using Yomeishu.



Most common questions

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    Can I take Yomeishu during pregnant or breast-feeding?Answer

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    Can I take Yomeishu during my period?Answer


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